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These are the URLs for the sources I consulted when composing my latest work on the genus Pistacia, aka the Terebinth

When done reading & note taking, I had some 26 pages of raw material to boil down into the piece you read.

(Leads to 1883 book By Leopold Hartley Grindon,) ;

(Molecular variation between and within wild Pistacia species in Turkey)

More references:

Al-Saghir, M.G. and D.M. Porter, 2005. Stomatal distribution in Pistacia sp. (Anacardiaceae). Int. J. Bot., 1: 183-187.
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Castro-Diez, P., P. Villar-Salvador, C. Perez-Rontome, M. Maestro-Martinez and G. Montserrat-Marti, 1998. Leaf morphology, leaf chemical composition and stem xylem characteristics in two Pistacia (Anacardiaceae) along a climatic gradient. Flora, 193: 195-202.
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Dong, Z. and P. Bass, 1993. Wood anatomy of trees and shrubs from China. V. Anacardiaceae. Int. Assoc. Wood Anatomists J., 14: 87-102.

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Parfitt, D.E. and M.L. Badenes, 1997. Phylogeny of the genus Pistacia as determined from analysis of the chloroplast genome. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA., 94: 7987-7992.
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Spiegel-Roy, P., D. Mazigh and M. Evenari, 1977. Response of pistachio to low soil moisture conditions. J. Am. Soc. Hortic. Sci., 102: 470-473.

Zohary, M., 1952. A monographic study of the genus Pistacia. Palestine J. Bot., 5: 187-228.

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