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Late last month, Cindy, a friend near Chicago wrote Dr. Bez for help finding the bible-garden she fondly recalled in a vague memory from the 1950s. Since it involved a bible Garden and not a BBG, Dr. Bez passed the request on to William Moran our Jack of All Trades (and chief researcher). Cindy's recollection of the place first sent William off in the wrong direction, but her description of the place finally led him to the right place: the Bible Garden in Wisconsin Dells. The place is still there.

 The place is not a BBG, but a bible-story garden, and from the little we've seen of the place, heavily New Testament.

Cindy writes:

"Dear Mr. Moran and Dr. Bez,

It WAS the Wisconsin Dells Biblical Garden I remembered!   Our family took two trips that year:  one to Ohio to visit family and one later on in the summer to Wisconsin Dells.

Funny how the mind works - I recognized the Gardens as soon as I saw the website photo.  The railings I remembered are still there! (OK - they've probably been replaced a few times since I was there, but the setup is still the same!)

Thank you so much for your time and for your quick replies.

I hope this brings a smile to you - you made my day!

Kind Regards,
Cindy Stach-Pearman

So people know where to go for information about Bible Story and Biblical Botanical Gardens.

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